Peter Backhaus
51264 Holsljunga

– Education:
1995 – 96 Valand Art Academy, Free art & New Media, Gothenburg, Sweden
1973 – 78 Hovedskous Art School, Gothenburg, Sweden
1969 – 73 Fil.kand. Gothenburg University, (Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology)

– Solo Exhibitions:
2018 Edsvik Konsthall, Stockholm, Sweden
2004 Galleri Aveny, Gothenburg, Sweden
2001 Vänersborg Konsthall, Sweden
2000 Konstforum, Norrköping, Sweden
2000 Upplands Väsby art gallery, Sweden
1999 Galleri Aveny, Gothenburg, Sweden
1998 Just Art Galerie, Berlin, Germany
1998 Galleri Bergman, Stockholm, Sweden
1997 Bohusgalleriet, Uddevalla, Sweden
1996 Galleri Aveny, Gothenburg, Sweden
1995 Performance, Gothenburg Art museum, Sweden
1995 Galerie Bischoff, Stuttgart, Germany
1995 Galerie Im Zwinger, St. Wendel, Germany
1994 Galerie Fischer, Hannover, Germany
1993 Galerie Koch-Westenhoff, Lübeck, Germany
1992 Lidköpings art gallery, Sweden
1990 Galleri Holm, Malmö, Sweden
1989 Galleri Elva, Stockholm, Sweden
1988 Galerie Stella, Minden, Germany
1988 Uddevalla Art gallery, Sweden
1988 Galleri Bacchus, Borås, Sweden
1987 Galleri Garmer, Gothenburg, Sweden
1980 Galleri 54, Gothenburg, Sweden

– Group Exhibitions (selected):
2019 ”The Crossroads of the world: Construing Visual Meanings in Contemporary Art” at Museum of Contemporary Art Beijing 
2001 – 2003 Trans/Form, Stockholm, Oslo, Kopenhagen, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania
2001 Måleri & måleri, Kristinehamns Konstmuseum, Sweden
1996 Tutensall, Luxemburg
1995 Sollentuna artfair, Galerie Bischoff, Sweden
1994 Saarländisches Künstlerhaus,Saarbrücken, Germany
1993 Flags around Kinneviken, Sweden
1992 Malmgran Gallery, Gothenburg, Sweden
1984 Norrbottens Art museum (with LOKE), Sweden
1983 Norrköpings Art gallery (with LOKE), Sweden
1983 Eskilstuna Art museum (with LOKE), Sweden
1983 Västerås Art museum (with LOKE), Sweden
1983 Borås Art museum (with LOKE), Sweden
1982 Lunds Art gallery (with LOKE), Sweden
1982 Arvika Art gallery (with LOKE), Sweden
1982 Södertälje Art gallery (with LOKE), Sweden

– Bibliography:
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Swedish television
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Between the unharnessed and the controlled”
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12/12 1987

Maria Rydberg
”When I start painting I just follow
Painting is a physical experience for Peter Backhaus”
Presentation of Peter Backhaus’ artistry 
7/12 1987

– Awards, Grants, Residencies:
1999 Working grant, 2 month in Grez-sur-Loing, City of Gothenburg
1996 Saarländisch-Swedish Culture exchange
1994 Saarländisches Künstlerhaus, Residency, Saarbrücken, Germany,
1993 Working grant, Konstnärsnämnden, State of Sweden
1990 Projektbidrag, Konstnärsnämnden, State of Sweden
1989 Ricklundgården Residency, Saxnäs, Sweden
1987 Ricklundgården Residency, Saxnäs, Sweden
1985 City of Gothenburg Culture Award

– Lectures and Workshops:
2000-2014  Founder and owner of Gothenburg Art School
Lectures and seminars at Hovedskous Art school, Gothenburg since 1979 – 2000
Workshop ”Creative Painting” in many parts of Sweden
Workshop ”Inner Pictures” seminars with artstudents and actors

– Collections:
Gothenburg Art museum, Sweden
Borås Art museum, Sweden
Art Board, Gothenburg, Sweden
Swedish Art Board, Sweden
Local authorities and counties in Sweden
Art Associations in different companies in Sweden
Privat collections in Sweden and Germany.