My paintings arise in a kind of space between intellectual thought and uncontrolled instinct. At different stages of the long and laborious work process, I am both completely spontaneous and maximum calculative. Like a koan of the zen buddhist monk, images that interest me, contain always a paradox that can not be solved by logical thinking only, but require the whole person, both head and belly, thought and instinct, heaven and earth.

To a large extent, my paintings are internal images. They do not tell about everyday events, temporary feelings or experiences from reality. Nor do they want to explore, visualize or verify different sociological thought models, psychological theorems, or at all deal with some form of reality analysis. My paintings are inner images, they come from a level beyond time and space, beyond the personal self, where complete stillness and total chaos coexist. They are like states of layers in the archetypal landscape, which are deep inside each person. My painting has no purpose or message, my brush is dancing freely. Like the arrow of the zen buddhist archer, it finds its way, after many years of practice, on its own.

It is in the breach between this world and the intellectual assessment, the conceptual attitude, that the image takes shape. This contradiction creates the energy for my work with images. Blended with earthly proximity and existential freedom, they are here finding their specific colors.

My paintings are available at Singulart and Pashmin Gallery, Hamburg