Artist statement

Peter Backhaus was born in 1947 in Germany. In 1968 he emigrated to Sweden where he studied philosophy, psychology and art.


In Gothenburg he had his own art school.

”My art is a fusion of intellect and instinct, born from a space where chaos and silence coexist. It is not grounded in the reality of everyday experiences, emotions or events. Rather, it draws from a deeper, internal realm beyond time and space, where my brush moves freely and without purpose.

My images are paradoxical, defying comprehension and inviting introspection. They challenge the viewer to engage with the tension between the conceptual and the tangible, to explore the boundaries between earthly reality and existential freedom.

The energy of my art comes from the interplay between these opposing forces, as I seek to transcend the limitations of traditional art and create something unique and profound. Like the arrow of a Zen archer, my brush finds its own path after years of practice, resulting in a body of work that is both spontaneous and highly calculated.

Ultimately, my art speaks to the whole person, touching both the intellect and the instinct, and inspiring a deeper exploration of the self and the world around us.”

Since 2019, he is represented by Pashmin Art Gallery in Hamburg and has participated in numerous museum exhibitions in China.
Peter Backhaus lives and works in Gothenburg and Berlin.