Peter Backhaus and his Archetypal Expressionism By Dr. Davood Khazaie (Literary Art Critic and International Curator)

Peter Backhaus and his Archetypal Expressionism

By Dr. Davood Khazaie

(Literary Art Critic and International Curator)

Introduction: Peter Backhaus, a German artist now captivating the art scene, is renowned for his bold and unfiltered style. As a proponent of Archetypal Expressionism, his work is a blend of poetic and musical elements that deeply connect with the audience. His art, transcending the barriers of time and space, delves into the human psyche, establishing him as a prominent figure in the art world.

Artistic Evolution: In 1947, Backhaus was born in Germany and later moved to Sweden in 1968, where his artistic journey flourished. Studying philosophy, psychology, and art at the University of Gothenburg, he honed his unique style. His art became more than a form of expression; it was a crucial element of his mental well-being and creative exploration.

Defining Archetypal Expressionism: Backhaus’s work breaks free from the confines of personal ego and cultural norms, presenting images from a transcendent realm. He coined ”Archetypal Expressionism” to define his approach, which harmonizes intellectual thought and primal instinct. His art is a dance of controlled chaos and serene silence, with his brushstrokes guided by an innate force that blends conceptual ideas with spontaneous creativity.

Thematic Exploration and Symbolism: Backhaus’s artistry is a play of contradictions, inviting viewers into a realm where reality and existential freedom clash. His work vibrates with life, marked by bold colors, dynamic forms, and lively brushwork, reflecting the vibrancy of urban life that inspires him.

Personal and Historical Narratives: Backhaus’s art intertwines with his personal and historical background, especially his German origins. His 1996 exhibition ”Unwanted Lives” was a significant moment, confronting the shadows of Nazi Germany and finding personal liberation. His art has since evolved to reflect inner joy and a deeper self-exploration, celebrating human capacity for change.

Global Recognition and Exhibitions: Backhaus’s art has gained acclaim in Sweden, Germany, and beyond, with displays in various galleries and museums. Represented by Pashmin Art Consortia since 2019, his international presence has grown, including participation in exhibitions in China and the Florence Biennale in 2021. His inclusion in the Amazon Best-Seller ”ATIM’s Top 60 Masters” and receiving the 2023 International Prize Leonardo da Vinci further cement his global artistic impact.

Conclusion: Peter Backhaus’s artistic journey is marked by continuous exploration and authenticity. His Archetypal Expressionism invites audiences to explore deep psychological realms and the potential for human transformation. His art not only processes personal history but also connects with universal human experiences. As he pushes the boundaries of art, Backhaus continues to inspire and provoke thought, leaving a lasting legacy in the art world.

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